What's a baby shower without the perfect cake, topped with the perfect cake topper? Whatever the theme you have decided for your baby shower, we have some gorgeous, unique ideas for your cake design that will make your party unforgettable, and absolutely instagrammable. ;)

Show the design to your local baker and have them re-create it, or if you're talented in the baking department, go ahead and make these yourself! The cakes below are so beautiful, they may even inspire you to change the theme of your party once you see them. Remember, the accessories maketh the outfit; and your cake too, needs decorations to make it stand out and cement its position as the center of atraction. :) Not sure how? Cake toppers, buntings, fondant pieces, flourishes like wreaths and branches, or Kitchenistic cake stands are all fabulous ideas.

Yes, so the title is baby shower cakes for girls because our data apparently tells us that people are searching for baby girl cakes, but as always, designs and colours should never be restricted to any gender, so please go ahead to steal these beautiful ideas for your baby boy!

Let’s get started! 


1. Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Pinterest.com

A colourful and sweet pastel coloured design, perfect to set the mood for a baby girl rainbow baby shower! If you're having a rainbow baby shower, why not print out some meaningful rainbow baby quotes as party decor?

Image: CakebyCourtney.com

This cake is sweet, fun, and sophisticated all at the same time. Bonus: It comes with step by step instructions! Click on the link above to view the tutorial!


2. Woodland Animals Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Pinterest

Woodland animals are so in trend right now, and for good reason, too. Because aren't they the cutest?! This cake makes a perfect centerpiece for your woodland or rustic themed baby shower!

Image: Nikkiberry.com

We can't believe such a cute cake even exists! It even features a fox mama cake topper. Awww. ;)


3. Wish Upon A Star Themed Cakes

Image: @breadandbuttercream

Galaxy themed parties don't always to be that same shade of indigo. Brighten it up with a pink stars and moon cake, and beautiful gold detailing.

Image: Popsugar.com

...But of course, if you prefer the indigo variety anyway (or you're looking at the $100 worth of dark purple streamers you just bought), here's one that took our breath away.


4. Baby Shower Cake for Twin Girls

Image: Etsy.com

A cake topper with "Oh Babies" is a sweet and subtle way to celebrate your twin baby shower!


5. Princess / Royalty Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Pinterest

You can't get much fancier than this, but hey, you didn't choose a royalty themed baby shower to keep it simple! ;)

Image: Pinterest

Before I started researching for this post, I never knew that cakes could get this gorgeous. I have hearts coming out of my eyes for this one!

cinderella cake

Image: Pinterest

This cinderella carriage baby shower cake is just divine!

6. Rustic Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Hgtv.com

Naked cakes are so popular at the moment, and for good reason! They can be subtly decorated, but still look gorgeous. Adding a few fresh flowers on top give it an elegant, sophisticated feel.

Image: Etsy

This is a simple, white cake with a burlap cake topper. Can you feel the shabby chic vibes?


7. Mermaid / Under The Sea Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: @euphoriquebakery

Scattered with seashells, corals, this cake would make a perfect centerpiece in your beach or mermaid themed baby shower!

Image: Pinterest

Want something a little less over the top? This version, with its baby pink and teal hues is so sweet.


8. Floral / Garden Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Pinterest

Elegant and classy, statement pieces don't always have to go overboard with colour and detail. This would look great with champagne and cream decorations.

Image: Pinterest

Holding your baby shower party somewhere where there's lots of greenery, and flowers are blooming? This garden themed cake will look right at home.


9. Tribal / Camping Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Image: Pinterest

Tepee tents and all its boho-ness is dreamy and all, but this interpretation takes it to a whole other level!

Image: Pinterest

We know this isn't a cake, but once we saw these tribal themed cookies, we knew we couldn't pass it up. Foxes and tepee tents?! C'mon!


Have a sweet party!

Thank you for making it this far, hope you enjoyed the eye candy (pun intended)!