Is pet clothing cute, but ridiculous to you? You're right on the cute part (because aww), but here are some benefits you may not have thought of. It turns out that shirts for dogs and cats have some real, practical benefits too!

1. Pet clothing discourages scratching.

A virtual hug for anyone who knows what a "hotspot" is. No, not the one that helps your phone connect to the Internet. This hotspot is of the red and itchy variety, a sore and raw spot caused by constant and excessive scratching or licking.

Wearing a thin and lightweight pet shirt prevents direct contact with the affected area, while maintaining good ventilation and comfort.


2. Pet clothing protects pets from the elements.

Does your cat love exploring the backyard that's full of sharp branches and frayed wood? Just like how pants protect our skin during a fall, pet clothing can protect dogs and cats from little scrapes and cuts from branches and sharper corners. 


3. Pet clothing keeps dogs and cats warm.

Dog shirt from Canvas Avenue for US$17.90.

During early morning or late evening walks, a little exta layer never hurts. Our furry friends may be resilient, but they can get cold too, especially if they are puppies, older dogs, or small breeds!


4. Pet clothing keeps the floors clean.

Photo by Patrice Alsteen.

Fur everywhere may be tolerated at home and the park, but what about everywhere else? When visiting a friend, or going to the doctor's, a little shirt that helps keep some fur in may be considered good ettiquette.


5. Pet clothing reduces effects of allergy to fur.

For dog or cat owners who love their fur babies, but not so much the fur part, pet clothing may be a godsend. While it may not solve the problem entirely, at the very least, less fur would fly into your nose while your furry friend decides to give themselves a good shake. This little step will help you to spend your years with your fur baby in lesser agony.


6. Pet clothing helps pets feel secure.

Especially if the clothes have your scent on it! If your little puppy or kitten tends to get anxious without you around, why not get a little shirt for them, sleep with it for a few days, and then let them wear it when you're away? It's like wearing your hug, even when you're not there.


7. Commemorate special moments with your pets.

Matching dog and owner clothes from Canvas Avenue from US$31.00 per matching set.

Pets are only here for a small part of our lives, but we are their entire lives. Don't forget to take photos, videos, and make some precious and awesome memories, to make the best of it!


There you have it!

We hope that we've managed to convince you that pet shirts are not just for show! Psst, our friends over at My Pet Needs That and Petside have written lots of useful pet product reviews to help your fur babies live their best lives. With that, remember to go give your furry friends a big hug!