There are 2 things that animal lovers adore: 1) Animals, 2) Animal themed gifts!

Here’s our list of the top 22 best gifts you can send to any type of animal lover. 

Whether it’s an aunt that can’t live without their canine companion, or a friend who just enjoys admiring lions from a safe distance at the zoo, there’s a gift they’ll love below…


1. Matching dog and owner shirts to make a statement.


Get matching dog and owner clothes from Canvas Avenue for US$35.

The perfect, soft cotton shirt for the canine-crazed man… and matching doggy vest available in different dog sizes.

The doggie shirt fits dogs from chihuahuas to poodles to retrievers. Because no matter how big they get, they’ll always be our fur babies.


2. Cute cat earrings for the crazy cat ladies.

Get these Cat Earrings from Canvas Avenue for US$14.95.

The purrrfect gift for cat lovers who want the world to know how much they adore kitties. Ideal for matching with cat-themed outfits, everyday chilling around with your kitten and planning the downfall of dogs.


3. Donate & volunteer at a local animal shelter together.


What better way to say happy birthday than a day-trip to puppy heaven? Volunteer at a local animal shelter with your fellow animal lover to give back to the community that’s given us over a million funny dog videos.

It’s good for your animal loving soul.


4. Personalized pet leash to make morning walks more stylish.

Get this leash from for US$45.

The ultimate gift for proud dog walkers with much-loved pooches. With this personalized leather leash, they’ll be strutting their stuff with as much pompousness as a prize-winning poodle!


5. Origami crane tote bag.

Get this tote bag at Canvas Avenue for US$15.90.

An elegant gift for bird lovers.


6. Crocodile plush toy because life enjoyment without life endangerment is always a good idea.

Get it from at US$10.99.

A great present for animal-loving kids (and un-grown-up adults) that won’t bite. Promise!

It’s also a good tool to teach kids how to be gentle with animals when petting them. No, this crocodile isn’t the same one that torments Captain Hook. We checked.  


7. Gecko couch cushion for that cold blooded friend. Aww, we’re just kidding.

Get this from for US$32.15 for a 16 x 16” cushion cover (more sizes available).

Who said reptiles aren’t cuddly? The gecko couch cushion gift will be much loved by wildlife documentary-enthusiasts who love to snuggle down with a comfy cushion for a night with David Attenborough. 


8. Outdoor bird feeder so that instead of going to them, animals come to you. How's that for a change?

Get it from for US$19.95. 

Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon. Bluebird!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of bird song from their very own yard each morning? This glass birdfeeder is especially designed to be bluebird friendly and animal lover worthy.


9. Personalized pillow with photo printed, so Fluffy can be with you anytime, anywhere.

Get it from for US$29.

Finally, a good use for all those pet pics they post on Facebook! Turn Fido, Fluffy and even Bella the budgie, into a cute cushion, bed-sized pillow or tiny keyring for your animal-loving friend.


10. Cute bunny ears hoodie because babies + animals = adorable.

Get it from for US$7.73.

Find a cuter present for animal-loving parents with human cubs. We dare you.

Just look at those floppy ears! Some people believe that animals are cuter than babies. We disagree. Nothing beats a baby dressed as a bunny rabbit!


11. Cute 3D panda phone casing to bring your panda love to the next level.

Get it from for US$7.99.

The best part of this animal themed gift? Whether you’re using the phone or not, you can still see a super cute panda face! If your animal-loving friend is always on their phone (watching pandas sneeze, no doubt) this is the gift for them.  


12. Baby bear onesie for a new mom or dad who loves wildlife.

Get this Baby Bear Bodysuit from Canvas Avenue for US$14.90.

This great gift for animal-loving people with cubs of their own features an adorable bear illustration that will get as many “awwws” as the baby does! You have no idea how much we wish this onesie came in adult sizes! 


13. Owl kids socks for pint sized animal lovers!

Get this pair of socks from for US$7.

Fun and colorful, these socks are a real hoot. They’re also great as stocking fillers! They can go the traditional route and wear them on their feet, or better yet, as a tail, stuffed with rice to make antlers, or joined up to make a sock snake!


14. Flamingo pouch for the stylish animal lover.

Get it from for £12. 

A wonderful holiday gift for your friends (or yourself) before heading off to tropical paradise. Did you know that baby flamingos are white, not pink?

Give this gift to an animal lover who loves to show off their true colors!  


15. Horse print scarf perhaps, for your neigh-bour? Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Get this scarf from

Better wrap up warm! Riding towards the horizon on the back of a stallion can be quite breezy, you know. This silky scarf is a practical gift for any equestrian who loves the outdoor life.


16. Wolf necklace for the wild ones.

Get it from for US$14.95.

Quit wolfing around. If you need the perfect gift for a wolf-loving friend, whether they’re a man or woman, this tribal-style necklace is all you need.

Help them unleash their inner wolf!  


17. Alpaca tea towel because alpaca (!!!).

Get it from for US$32.

An awesome gift for alpaca lovers everywhere who wish they could keep one as a pet. Alpaca the tea towels, you pack the sandwiches. Birthday picnic complete!  


18. Photo printed business desk card holder for the colleague who’s missing Fido at work.

Get it from for US$15.78.

The best way to motivate your colleagues to hand out those business cards is this cool card holder! This is a favorite office secret-Santa gift that always goes down well with a box of dog-friendly treats.


19. Printed budgerigar mug for bird lovers.

Get it from for US$24.95.

Cheers! After another year of loving and caring for animals, this gift is exactly what animal-lovers needs for a relaxing cuppa.

Tip: fill with birdseed to create an amazing gift for their pet budgie too!


20. Hooded towel to keep Mr. Grumples warm after baths.


Get it from for S$16.

For pets that love playing in the mud and rain (or just pet owners that enjoy dressing up their fur babies), this towel coat is ideal. And cute! Wrap this present up with a big bottle of laundry detergent, because it won’t stay white for long…  


21. Bulldog cufflinks for the man who loves his bulldog to bits.

Get it from for US$19.60.

For those pet lovers that would carry their bulldogs around in their sleeves if they could, this cufflink set is a great way to remind them of their canine companion throughout the business day. Just look at those squishy noses!  


22. Bunny bed sheets to snuggle up with bunnies all night long!

Get it from for US$49 for toddler sized sheets. Up to king sized sheets available! 

The only thing softer than real bunny rabbits? These bunny rabbit bed sheets that will have you counting bunnies to get to sleep each night. One bunny hopping, two bunnies hopping, three bunnies hopping…

P.S. No bunnies were harmed in the making of these sheets.


Now they’ll love you as much as they love animals!

Any one of these gifts will have the animal-lover in your life tearing up with happiness and joy.

From cuddly pet pillows to cufflinks to mugs, now they can take their favorite animal with them wherever they go. Just don’t forget, the quickest way to an animal-lover’s heart is to buy their pet a gift too!