Father's Day and daddy's birthday is a great excuse to spoil fathers with something wonderful! But deciding on the perfect gift isn’t easy.

Check out these ten fun gift and activity ideas that you can make or do with your toddler, to knock your husband's socks off.


1. A daddy & toddler photoshoot.

daddy and toddler photoshoot

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There’s nothing quite like a family day out with a couple of disposable cameras, a pack of tasty snacks and snapping away, for for a memorable day that all of you will remember for life.

If your home has some bare walls, hang the developed photos up after the day, and keep the warm fuzzy feelings coming every time you walk past them!


2. Dad and baby hand prints.

Image Credit: wonderfuldiy.com

Little hands next to dad's big hands. A gift that daddy will always want to remember and keep. DIY this with paint and paper, or up the ante with clay!


3. DIY family tree.

Image Credit: whatsupatthewhitehouse.blogspot.com

Dad will never forget that his family are thinking of him with some homemade family tree wall art. As an added bonus, you can get toddlers to join in for bonus messy-play parent points.

Little handprints make great ‘leaves’ or choose wooden craft hearts for them to decorate. If you don’t fancy breaking out the paints, try a cool wall decal.


4. Duplo or play dough.

A gift for daddy doesn't necessarily have to be a gift for daddy. If Daddy’s favourite thing to do is to play with his kids, a big old box of blocks might be a spot on gift.

If you fancy something homemade, a selection of different play-doughs (or check out this tutorial on homemade playdough!) would work well too.


5. Homemade cookies.

Image: Goodfreephotos.com

Who doesn’t love cookies? (Apart from David Bowie, obviously). Whether store-bought or homemade, you and your toddler can have great fun decorating your gifts. Whip up some cookies from scratch with this great recipe!

Pro tip: Make it simple - just grab some ready-to-write icing from the cake-baking aisle, 


6. Colourful terracotta pots.

Image: cheercrank.com

Dads who love gardening will go potty for these charming hand-painted planters.

Add a couple of packs of seeds and a bag of compost, and not only have you created a cool gift, but you’ve got a great Father's Day activity too.


7. Handmade keychains.

Yes, I know, a keychain, but bear with me. This awesome tutorial from Whatmomslove.com shows you how to make a unique keyring with your toddler’s face on. Beats a tiny picture in Daddy’s wallet every time.


8. Headphone splitters.

Music brings everyone together, especially families. Help Daddy share the tunes he’s passionate about with his favourite toddler: wrap up a headphone splitter.

Make it personal: Have your little one help you create a ‘mix tape’ track list, and include a voucher for Dad’s usual streaming service.


9."Open when" envelopes

letters for dads

Have you seen ‘P.S., I Love You’? Well, if Daddy hasn’t, you can pinch the central idea. Simply write five, ten or as many ‘Open When’ letters and envelopes as you can think of.

This is great for if Daddy’s away for Fathers’ Day, but even if you’ve got him on hand, it’s an easy, fun and touching gift. You don’t just have to put letters in either; kids paintings, photos and collages would be perfect too.


10. Coffee.

It’s hot, it’s brown, and it’s the ultimate parenting present. Coffee subscriptions are amazing gifts for any exhausted parent (hint hint, yours truly needs a caffeine break!).

Add some Father's Day magic: Grab a cheap white mug from your local pound or dollar store, select your paints and let your toddler go nuts. Pop the details of your chosen subscription service inside and you’ve got one fun father’s day gift.


Did you find a great idea?

Hope you got some inspiration from our gifting list. Got more ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below to let us know!