The sister in law. Whether you’re as close as real siblings or just exchange smiles at the Christmas party, finding a gift they’ll love is no easy task. So, before you head straight to the chocolates, generic perfume and bath product aisle, check out these handpicked gifts that we guarantee your sister-in-law will love. 

1. Cute stud earrings (pssst, check her ears are pierced first).

Get them from Canvas Avenue for US$14.95.

Stars are a great choice, but don’t forget to look at the loooooong list of stud earrings from Canvas Avenue! Whether she’s a fan of baby elephants or loves to grow cacti, there are earrings for every sister-in-law.


2. Personalized pamper party supplies.

Get it from NotOnTheHighStreet for £29.99.

Bath supplies never get old, especially when they arrive in a personalized box and smell so unnnnnnngh. Perfect for any occasion!


3. Hey Soul Sisters, want to make a statement?

Get it from Trousseaux for US$24.50.

The rules of the soul sisters: on Wednesdays, we wear bangles. On Fridays, we mock relatives. On Sundays, we drink wine.


4. A dig at your brother and a hug for your sister-in-law… all on one mug.

Get it from Amazon for US$13.95.

Add a little humor to break the ice. These mugs are perfect for a good cuppa tea or coffee... or a good dose of wine when the party gets going!


5. Personalized oven mitts to give the family baker a subtle hint…

Get it from DaisyLaneCompany on Etsy for US$19.95.

Whether you call them oven mitts or potholders, these cozy cooking gloves are a great way to get your favorite sister-in-law baker to whip up something tasty!


6. Something the chocoholic will die for.

Get it from Cocoa Runners for GB£69.95.

Monthly subscriptions to world-class chocolates? What’s not to love. A gift that keeps on giving, in the mail and in the waistband! 


7. That cozy cushion that works with all décor.

Get it from TheKnottarie on Etsy for US$38.

It looks cute snuggled up on the sofa or plumped up on the bed. If your sister-in-law is all about keeping up with home décor trends (or just likes to get comfy) this is a great gift option – handmade too!


8. Trinket dish for the jewelry she’ll inevitably be getting.

Get it from NotOnTheHighStreet for GB£14.

Coordinate with your partner and family to get her some beautiful, luxury jewelry… and sneakily get away with buying an affordable personalized trinket dish to go with it.


9. A gift guaranteed to make them smile.

Get it from TheKnottarie on Etsy for US$28

Perfect for the selfie addict. This embroidery hoop comes made-to-order, so if you’re feeling extra generous you can contact the Etsy seller and ask for different colors!


10. Memories are more important than gifts, right?

Get it from Cheerz for GB£35

A scrapbook kit with everything she needs to keep those memories alive! Supergluing their baby pictures to the first page is obligatory.


11. For the sister-in-law you actually like!

Get it from 85thAdventureDesigns on Etsy for US$12.95.

If you can comfortably spend an evening with your sister-in-law, a bottle of wine and a few good laughs, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Stemmed wine glasses are so 2012.


12. Sweet ‘n girly yet loud ‘n vulgar? This is the perfect gift.

Get it from Amazon for US$16.97.

Pink, pretty and a little bit naughty. Hands up, who has a sister-in-law just like this? Combine this gift with a big box of hot chocolates to take it to the next f*****g level.


13. One of those Christmas tree decorations they’ll keep forever.

Get it from PegDots on Etsy for US$13.14

Even if you know nothing about your sister-in-law, we bet you at least know their initial. Well, we hope so. If not, just go ahead and buy the alphabet from this awesome Etsy seller!


14. Fair warning, they won’t want to share this one with you.

Get it from The Chunky Needle for £120.

Young or old, friendly or sister-in-law-from-hell, they’ll all adore this cozy chunky knit blanket made from Merino wool. You can’t go wrong by choosing the most popular color, mink.


15. An Instagram-worth embroidery kit for the cool kid.

Get it from Sew Inspiring for £19.95.

With careful hashtagging, your hip sister-in-law could achieve Insta-stardom with this unique gift! Don’t look into those bambi eyes for too long, you might just turn hipster…


16. The gift guaranteed to make them love you...

Get it from Amazon for US$41.99.

…until they go up a dress size. But homemade ice cream on tap 24/7 is worth it, in our opinion. Maybe add some clothes shop vouchers to this gift just in case!


17. Eco-friendly lip balm kit for palm oil haters.

Get it from NotOnTheHighStreet for £19.95.

It’s crafty, but it’s not too crafty. With all your lip balm ingredients pre-weighed, your sister-in-law just has to mix ‘em up and slather ‘em on.


18. Tea lover gift set for the Queen of Hearts.

Get it from Blooming with Joy for US$44.99.

The best thing about this gift? Blooming with Joy will select the teas included for you if you don’t select! That’s one less decision you need to make this Christmas.


19. A gift basket to help them through the diet phase.

Get it from Gourmet Gift Baskets for US$89.99

This is not only an awesome edible gift, it’s also your life-saving last-minute gift. Thanks to the fresh fruit involved, you now have a valid excuse to leave buying this gift to the very VERY last minute.


20. If all else fails, this is the ultimate gift for any woman.

Get it from Amazon for US$16.29

A book written by the ultimate girl crush - Michelle Obama! Inspirational? Check. Affordable? Check. Interesting enough to keep them occupied through to the New Year? Check. You can never have too many copies of this book.


So that concludes our list!

If you’ve scrolled through this entire list and still not found anything your sister-in-law will love, don’t fret. Anyone who isn’t charmed by these awesome gifts is a lost cause. You did your best. Now just keep your fingers crossed that they give the gift back for you to enjoy…

Isn’t that what we all secretly wish for?