Summmmmer time and the livin’ is eeeeeeeasy. Or is it? By now you should have an inbox full of summer clothes promotions worn by beach body ready models. If that’s not motivation to get ready for summer, what is?

Let us count down through 18 summer jewelry must-haves for 2019, so you can restock your jewelry box and give your beautiful body the glamour it deserves.


1. Seashell Earrings (Not From The Seashore)

Get these Seashell Earrings from Canvas Avenue for US$14.95.

She sells seashells on the seashore. But we bet what she sells isn’t as pretty as these lightweight wooden shell earrings. Perfect for mermaiding around.


2. Perfect Festival Anklet - From Day to Night!

Get it from PixieDustBeads on Etsy for GBP£2.50.

Anklets are big every year, but this summer we’re really digging these sun and moon charms. Bedazzle your ankles and get ready for some delicious tan lines.


3. Go Glam With Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

Get them from ASOS for GBP£5.

Fun and summery, we’ve been tracking a trend for chunky hoop earrings this spring, heading into summer. This pair is gold-er than the glorious summer sun.


4. Summer Fun With Childhood Nostalgia - DollyMix Bracelet!

Get it from Jelly Button Jewellery for GBP£5.50.

They’re really not edible, we tried. DollyMix polymer clay beads are perfect for the summer. Pastel shades work so well with pale denim and a cute T-shirt. This bracelet is almost as sweet as you!


5. Channel Daenerys Targaryen With These Festival Jewelry Gold Hair Cuffs

Get them from Stephanieverafter on Etsy for GBP£10.

Bring out your inner Khaleesi with these golden hair cuffs. They’re ideal for summer parties and festivals… or just to cover up your braiding mistakes with style!


6. Color, Meet Style. A Summery Jewelry Fusion!

Get it from Forever 21 for US$9.90. 

Cheerful yet plain. Colorful yet two-tone. Man-made yet natural. We could spend all day admiring the simplicity of this bangle! It’s our bracelet of choice to not overpower your summer outfit.


7. Pop In Some Popsicle Earrings

popsicle earrings, popsicle ear studs, ice cream earrings

Get these Popsicle Earrings from Canvas Avenue for US$14.95.

They’re so good that we’ve already taken a bite! These fun popsicle earrings add a dash of color and mischief to lazy summer days. Wear with a smile and an extra helping of strawberry sauce.


8. Petal To The Metal Flower Necklace

Get it from Lovoda for US$15.

Dainty and summery. Big blooms and flower crowns often dominate the summer months… but not this year. We’re going classy. We adore this pretty rose gold necklace from Lovoda!


9. Zodiac Summer Pendants To Keep The Rain Away

Get it from CustomBrites on Etsy for GBP£19.75.

We’re predicting a sunny summer for all Geminis! Finally, personalized jewelry that isn’t tacky. Available in 3 metal shades (we’re digging the yellow gold right now) and all star signs.


10. A Glitzy Body Chain To Match Your Bikini

Get it from LiliClapse for €181.10.

Not everyone has a skinny supermodel body. But everyone does have a body they should feel proud of! Show off your curves this summer with glitzy gold body chains. You go girl.


11. Party With The Aztecs With These Drop Bead Earrings

Get them from Suzy Q Designs on Not On The High Street for GBP£22. 

We can totally see you wearing these earrings on vacation. They look divine matched with a colorful bikini… but are transformed when you head out for an evening. You don’t need to climb a pyramid to feel like an Aztec goddess.


12. Go For Elegance With A Hint Of “Look At Me!”

Get it from Missoma for $89. 

Gold goes so well with summery outfits (although maybe not gold teeth). A simple gold bracelet suggests style, elegance, and maturity. The double band chain bracelet in the center is one of our all-time favorites for summer evening accessorizing.


13. Rule The Beach With A Cowrie Shell Choker

Get it from LeBoudoirByK on Etsy for GBP£20.56.

Natural with a hint of gold. Sublime. Be the Cowrie Queen on the beach this year with a white seashell choker. Pssst. Did you know wearing white colors makes you look more tanned?


14. The Perfect Necklace For Summer Weddings

Get it from VasyaBoutique on Etsy for GBP£27.78.

Baby’s breath (the plant, silly) immortalized in a resin necklace pendant. Looks beautiful, doesn’t need watering, will also look great with winter outfits. What’s not to love?


15. Tropical Vibes Emanate From This Pineapple Anklet

Get it from YesStyle for GBP£2.32.

Aloha! Dress up your ankle with this textured pineapple bling and all that’s left to do is find swaying palm trees and a hunky Hawaiian man. Delicious.


 16. Dress It Up For Relaxed Summer Evenings

Get it from Anthropologie for USD$58.

Isn’t layering bracelets so time-consuming? Don’t they always get tangled too? Well, this summer you can skip that whole kerfuffle. This chunky yet elegant bracelet is your go-to.


17. Summer Jewelry From Head to Toe - Gemstone Toe Rings

Get it from Charlotte’s Web Jewellery at Not On The High Street for GBP£25. 

Step 1, paint toenails. Step 2, dust off your flip flops. Step 3, adorn each little piggy with a sterling silver, gemstone encrusted toe ring. BONUS: they also double up as midi finger rings!


18. Gold Hand Chains - They’re Impossible To Lose and Utterly Beautiful!

Get it from GEHATI on Etsy for US$38.

We’ve saved the best for last. The best thing about hand jewelry is not the elegance, nor is it the delicate chains, but it’s the fact that you can’t lose it! This is one intricate piece of jewelry that won’t fall off.


Now you just need to decide what to wear...

Good luck with that. If we could wear nothing but jewelry, we definitely would! No matter your style, we hope you fell in love with some of our top jewelry picks for summer 2019.