Babies at 3 months old are absolutely adorable, cooing, laughing and having rolls upon rolls on their arms and thighs. Other than cuddling them all day, here are some toys that you can buy or find, to engage their senses!

1. Teething ring

 teething ring

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Source:, US$10.

Babies at 3 months old like to grab things and place them in their mouths. Provide something safe for them to chew on with these wooden teething rings. These are BPA-free and easily cleaned with a quick rinse in warm soapy water.

Teething rings are also easy to bring out of the house (compared to say, a jumperoo), and are great for soothing your baby’s sore gums when they start teething (not long from now)! 

2. Musical mobile


Their eye and hand coordination are just starting to get really good now, and their sense of colour is also improving! A colourful rotating mobile with cute animals is perfect to engage their senses of sight, sound and touch, and perhaps also buy you some time for a quick trip to the toilet!

3. Crinkly pieces of paper

A toy that is fun, eco-friendly and free?! Luckily, babies are really easily entertained at this stage, anything that makes a noise is guaranteed to have their attention (all 10 seconds of it). Get a piece of paper, or a plastic bag, and crinkle away! As always, be sure to watch your baby closely at all times when they are playing!

4. The great outdoors


Another free toy? We sure are on a roll! Sometimes, staying at home all day can be tempting, but it can easily get quite boring for both mom and baby! Get yourself moving and take baby out for a stroll around the block, or a nearby park. The sights and sounds, and sometimes, overly helpful people, will keep him entertained on your behalf.

5.  Take a video selfie 

At 3 months, they aren’t all sure who their reflection is, but many (including my girl when she was a baby) get really excited! A fun alternative is to put your phone in selfie mode, and take a video of your baby’s reaction!

Here’s mine!

6. Maracas or Baby Rattles

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Source: Kate Inglish Designs, AU$5.41.

This was a toy that I did not expect to be so entertaining! My then 3 month old daughter happened to see the maracas that were beside her and when she picked them up, the noise completely amused her and she kept on shaking them and laughing, over and over again. It was hilarious to watch.

Do you have more ideas for toys that are great for a 3 month old baby? Comment below, and I'll add them to this post!