Twins? Oh my!

Sure, they’re double the cuteness and double the fun… but isn’t it doubly scary to break the news too? Whether you need a way to break it gently to your partner or let the whole world know without shouting at the top of your lungs, these twin baby announcement ideas are perfect.

1. Guess What? Surprise! Twin Baby Onesies

Get this pair from Canvas Avenue for US$28.

We love these gender neutral baby onesies! Perfect for breaking the doubly good news to friends and family with a “hey, look at these onesies I bought…” A great way to announce the twins and start baby clothes shopping in one go.


2. Ultra-Cute Twin Themed Safari Nursery Decor

Get them from PawprintIllustration on Etsy for US$15.78.

The animals went in two by two, hurrah! Hurrah! Is the perfect nursery rhyme to be playing as you break the news in your new twin-decked nursery. These 3 super cute twin animal frames look great in the background of your announcement pics too.


3. Twice Blessed - Something To Remember During Those Soon-To-Come Sleepless Nights

banner with twice blessed


Get this from Etsy for US$10.99.

A few months from now, in the middle of the night, you’re going to be so glad you kept hold of this glittery announcement banner. It doubles up as both an announcement banner and pep talk when they just don’t want to sleep!


4. It’s Twins Gold Glitter Cake Topper, for Those Early Cake Cravings

Get this from Canvas Avenue for US$13.50.

3 things the twins are making you crave right now. Cake. Eggs. ...Pickles? Use this sparkly cake topper on your baby shower cake (or just your everyday cake, we won’t judge) to announce the twins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand up too well in a mountain of pickles. Ah well. Back to cake.


5. What To Do When You’re Having Two - Finally, All The Answers!

book for twin pregnancy

Get this from Barnes & Noble for US$16.81.

When you’re unsure how to let the people closest to you know, this is the solution. Leave this excellent book on the kitchen countertop, coffee table or bedside table. Wait for the screams or squeals of joy...


6. “Crack Me” Baby Announcement Eggs - Handle Carefully!

Get this pair from LittleElephantCrafts on Etsy for US$8.

Our announcement idea of choice for those far away relatives - this announcement goes through the post. Inside each egg is a tiny note that you can personalize! Hey, you can’t make a double omelet without breaking some eggs.


7. Super Sweet Peas in a Pod Twin Shower Invites

Get this from Zazzle for US$2.06 per invite. 

Ungh. Is anyone else dying of cuteness or is it just us? Customize this baby shower invite on Zazzle, send to your friends, and keep your fingers crossed for double the number of presents!


8. Keep It Simple with This Double Trouble Announcement Card

Get this from for GBP £3.95.

Give the personal touch with a twin announcement card with tiny-winy-ickle gold feet on the front. Cuteness has just walked all over this card!


9. Add This To Your Gift List! Baby Bear Twin Box


Get this from Baby Moi for US$69.99.

Send out a wish list of twin-themed gifts, or hell, just buy it for yourself and place it innocently in the living room. Either way, the news is out there and you’ve got two cuddly bears to snuggle with when the late pregnancy hormones get you weepy.


10. Personalize This Canvas Art With Your Twin’s Heartbeats!

Get this from ArtsyVoiceprint on Etsy for US$90.

Cute? Check. Not overly pink or sparkly? Check. A really neat idea to send to the soon-to-be grandparents? Check. Record the sound of your babies heartbeats at your next prenatal ultrasound to get the soundwaves printed on this lovely canvas!


11. Get Creative with Your Own Announcements! Take Pics of Your New Letter Board for Facebook...

Get it from eBay for GBP £14.49.

The Facebook twin baby announcement. You’re either dreading it or can’t wait for the flood of likes. Before you do the standard hands over belly picture, get your hands on one of these retro letter boards. Get creative with your announcement message!


12. Get Your Fur Babies Involved!

Image: Unsplash

For those with furbabies already, why not get them involved? They’ve already graced the internet with guilty animal messages of their mishaps… now it’s their time to shine again.

Whether they’re promoted to big brother of the twins or now officially the family guard dog, write a sign and take a cute pic to let the world know.


By now you should be seeing double!

If you’re feeling a little scared, that’s normal. Hopefully, these great announcement ideas will break the exciting news and bring all your supportive friends and family together.

Your babies are going to be cuter than anything on this list. Guaranteed!