We have compiled the ultimate guide for a super fun and meaningful wedding gatecrash. From themes and their corresponding outfits, to games and everything in between!

For those confused about what gatecrash games are, some Asian cultures (such as Chinese Singaporeans) observe a fun tradition where grooms have to "earn their right" to wed their beloved. For the groom to prove his worth, he and his band of brothers (aka groomsmen) have to successfully complete a series of challenges that are set up by the bridesmaids, before the groom is allowed to fetch the bride from her home.

Gatecrash Outfits

Before deciding on what games to play, have you decided what to wear during the gatecrash? Wearing collared shirts, ties and dress pants while running around is not a great idea, especially if you're in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Let the groomsmen "suffer" in comfort, with these great wedding gatecrash outfits we found!

1. Spartan Gatecrash Costumes

Image: Straits Times.

Comfortable, practical, and definitely a treat for the eyes. If your set of groomsmen have bodies like this, this is one great way to flaunt them.

2. Journey To The West Gatecrash Costumes

Image: Mothership

Okay, this is anything but comfortable, but we included it anyway because the epic factor definitely is through the roof. We love the effort they put into this, even roping in their pup.

3. Matching Groomsmen T-Shirts

team groom shirts, groomsmen shirts

Get matching custom groomsmen t-shirts printed for the guys, like Team Groom shirts, or custom print any t-shirt idea that you may have in your mind!

4. Auspicious Lion Dance Gatecrash Costumes 

Image: Hitcheed

Rent costumes from a lion dance troupe, and go wild! Bonus: The older folks will really love this.

Gatecrash Games

Games are a major part of the gatecrashing, and some say it is THE whole point of gatecrashing. The sky's the limit, but we're going to omit all games that involve lingerie or phallic objects, or anything that potentially leads to food poisoning. Humiliation in the name of fun, where the guys are pressured to be good sports, is not quite enjoyable, is it?

With that out of the way, let's have fun, while maintaining everyone's dignity!

5. Tic Tac Toe Gatecrash Game

Draw a board with 9 squares. Each square represents a challenge/game they have to go through. The center game should be the most difficult.

6. Drawing Lots Gatecrash Game

Place a bunch folded papers or ping pong balls in a box, with challenges written on them. Get the guys to take turns to pick their challenge from the box, and play whatever game it is that they drew!

7. Break an Egg Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • 1 basket or container
  • 8 raw eggs
  • 8 hard boiled eggs

Fill a basket with eggs, half of which are hard boiled, half of which are raw. Well, you know how the rest goes. Depending on your tolerance level and the availble amenties nearby, and whether the floor is carpeted, you can choose how to crack the egg. Ideas include cracking it on the groom's head (extreme), or cracking it on your hand (mild).

Credit: HerWorld

9. Love Is The Equation Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • A prepared math question

Search for brain teasers or difficult primary school questions online, and make all the groomsmen stand in a half-squat position while your groom tries to solve the problem and save his friends from their legs going numb!

10. Gatecrash Game - The Foreign Musician

Items required:

  • Set of DIY musical instruments (e.g. metal pots, chopsticks, keys, a small box filled with rice, etc)

Get the group of groomsmen to perform the couple's favourite song in another language (e.g. sing Jay Chou's songs in English), with the instruments for the beat/background music.

11. The Eating Challenge Gatecrash Game

This is not your typical food challenge that involves disgusting food, but is super fun anyway!

The idea is to make the food really difficult to eat. Some ideas include:

  • Using chopsticks to eat ice cubes (harder than you imagine).
  • Using forks to drink soup.
  • Using spatulas to eat long noodles.
  • Using baby silicone spoons to eat roti prata.

The guys will have to finish the food within a set time, or face punishment!

Credit: Weddingbells

12. Bead Threading Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • Thread
  • Small jewellery beads

This game tests the groom and groomsmen's dexterity by getting them to make jewellery for the bride. Get them to thread a bracelet or necklace for the bride. To up the difficulty, get them to use only tweezers! Bonus: The bride gets a nice keepsake to remember this moment.

13. Charades Relay Gatecrash Game

View the video above to understand how this game is played.

Items required:

  • Cards that describe the actions (to show the first guy)

Get the guys to stand in a row, with the first facing in one direction, and the rest back facing him.

Give the first guy the 1st puzzle (e.g. violin, baby crying, 10:30am), and he will have to act it out with actions, without saying a word to the 2nd guy. The 2nd guy does it to the 3rd guy, and so on, and the last guy will have to guess what the action was trying to describe. If he gets it right, they succeed!

Credit: Wahchanjewels

14. Groomsmen Quiz Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • A list of questions and answers about the bride and the couple's relationship 

Get the groomsmen to answer a set of questions about the bride (e.g. her height, birthday, their anniversary date) and about the couple's relationship (e.g. where did they first hold hands, etc). The groom is not allowed to help.

15. Biscuit Alphabets Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • Tin of biscuits

Give the groom and gang a stack of biscuits, and have them spell out words by biting into the slices and forming alphabets! Of course, set a time limit so that some panic kicks in and makes it fun.

16. 10 Reasons I Love You Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • A large sheet of drawing paper
  • Markers or pens
  • Stickers to decorate

The title of this game is rather literal. Ask the groom to write down, then read out loud 10 reasons he loves his bride. After the wedding, the couple can choose to frame or keep this piece of paper! We recommend not making it 10 promises, because it's going to become an eternal point of argument for the days ahead.

17. Treasure Hunt Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • A list of items to hunt
  • Optional: Locations and hints

Get the group of brothers to gather a list of items (e.g. a strand of hair longer than 20cm, a pink sock). An option to make it more challenging, if the location is within an apartment block, you can give them a math question with the answer in the form of a unit number (e.g. #12-35) and hide the item there in advance, for bonus points.

18. The Busker Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • Courage

The groom is to go alone somewhere within sight, where there are people walking past, and start singing a love song.

19. Mini Basketball Gatecrash Game

Items required:

  • Ping pong balls
  • A hard stand made of either corrugated plastic or acrylic
  • A small basket to hang on the stand
  • Coloured tape

Place the "basketball stand" on a table, and mark where the guys should stand with a coloured tape. Test the groom and groomsmens' skills by asking them to score a minimum number of balls.

20. In Laws I Love You Gatecrash Game

Very few gatecrash games involve the parents, but a wedding is a union of 2 families, and there's no reason not to get papa and mama in the action!

Prepare a series of simple poses that involve 2-5 people (maybe some cute ones), and get the groom and groomsmen to re-enact the poses with the bride's parents! It's sure to brighten up the mood and allow parents that are young at heart to enjoy themselves to the fullest!


And that's all for now, folks! Have fun, be safe, and have a blast!

If you have any fun games that you've played, or any great ideas in mind, please leave us a comment below or email us at contact@canvasavenue.com and we'll add it to this post!